Monday, June 20, 2005

It's ALL George W. Bush's Fault - What Durbin Said

Irish Pennants: Torture in the War on Terror

Jack Kelly nails it.
Lynn Sweet, bureau chief for the Chicago Sun Times, thinks Turban Durbin is being picked on:

Durbin's analogy, as clumsy as it was, is not where the focus should stay. How the U.S. treats prisoners, how the U.S. is conducting the Iraq war, how the U.S. wins more allies, how the U.S. improves relations with Muslim countries -- yes, and why the U.S. has trouble providing armored plates for Jeeps in combat -- one of Durbin's crusades -- that's what is important.

"Everyone who knows Dick Durbin knows how much he cares about the troops and their families," Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told me Friday.

Said Obama, "This administration has made a habit of diverting attention of its failures by criticizing the messenger."

It is, you see, all really Bush's fault.

So according to Obama (he's the next big thing supposedly for the Democrat Party remember) everything boils down to Bush's failures which force all politicians on the Left to say stupid things. Oh and by the way - the Socialist Democrat Party Members all support the troops. I just wanted to reiterate that since from what they say it's kinda hard to tell. And they are also very Patriotic, this needs to be pointed out too since much of what they say trends towards political gamesmenship at the expense of the country and troops in war.

I also was pretty much correct here. If you saw McCain on Meet The Press he had a lame Durbin must apologize and can't we all just get along meme. He did not suggest anything other than Durbin should apoligize. Darn, now why didn't I make a wager with someone on that!

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