Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Here's A Different Poll On American Views On Iraq

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Thanks for the link from Bob in the comments from Mudville Gazette. Read what Greyhawk has to say about the current MSM reporting about Iraq.

Conducted June 6-10 among 913 adults

60% found America's foray into Iraq has helped sow the seeds of democracy in the Middle East (Among Republicans the number is 87%, Democrats - 44% and Independents - 53%).

70% believe it's important for the US & Coalition forces to stay in Iraq

When asked about the role the US should take in Iraq:
79% think it's important to provide economic aid
74% think it's important to rebuild the infrastructure

When asked on effect the war has had on terrorism:
57% think it's dealt a significant blow to terror networks worldwide (Republicans - 87%, Democrats - 39%).

Go check out the article with additional poll results to counteract the negative sounding Gallup Poll reported in USA Today.

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