Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"Guantanamo Project" Funded by National Endowment for The Arts?

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: The Scandal of American Imperfection by Mac Johnson

Mac Johnson presents a satire reading like something from Scott Ott on the recent made up scandals around the Koran.

All criticism of the military over alleged “mishandling” of the Koran ended this week, when it was revealed that the Guantanamo Bay guards accused of the acts were actually being funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. The New York Times gave rave reviews to “The Guantanamo Project” as the guards call their art co-operative, citing the powerful message that “acts of artistic juxtaposition” can send about religious absolutism, patriarchy, and the tyranny of unquestioned symbols. “The best show since Piss Christ!” raved Newsweek.

In reality, none of what he says is out of the realm of reality since defaming Christian religious figures and objects in "The Arts" is considered avantgarde and popular. Of course that is only relevant if the art is directed towards Christianity, not Islam!

Johnson is spot on with this statement:
The real reason the mainstream media and left-wing political activists are riticizing the military over these allegations is that they so want America to be guilty of something –anything-- that can justify their pre-existing animosity that they are even willing to feign a newfound respect for religious symbols just to have something to be offended about.

And further:
This statistical approach to propaganda is a form of bias in reporting, designed to ensure that America will be afflicted by a constant stream of scandals, atrocities, and missteps, so long as its policy is out of favor with those doing the reporting.

Johnson's got a good take on this whole kerfluffle in the propaganda war perpetuated by the Left or Democrat Socialists in the U.S. today.

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