Thursday, June 23, 2005

Food Can Be Dangerous

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Couple of interesting anecdotes with this story about Troops in Baghdad.

U.S. soldiers who patrol Iraqi streets have learned, bit by bit, where some of the city’s tastiest snacks are served. Their samplings go well beyond the sweetened tea and flat bread that women and children in Baghdad so often share with passing convoys.

Some seek out whole roasted chickens and vegetables. Some choose ice cream. Some meals, however, prove a little more treacherous.

“Last time we were out here, we ate falafels,” said Spc. Eugene Dolan, 23, of Albertson, N.Y., who is with New York National Guard. “We all got sick.”

One soldier got a little more than that. Sgt. Jason Glasscock, 27, of Shreveport, La., went out on patrol a little after 2 p.m. in an M1A1 tank with 1st Battalion, 156th Armor.

Glasscock didn’t have time to eat before leaving and after about an hour of duty, he decided it was time for lunch. Glasscock popped up his hatch and reached for an MRE.

The next thing he knew, Glasscock felt like someone had struck him with an iron pipe. He was hit by a sniper, and his friends rushed over to see how badly he was hurt. They started ripping off his clothes to find out where he was bleeding.

Turns out that he wasn’t. The bullet hit his body armor, not him. He has a bruise the size of a grapefruit on his stomach, but otherwise, is doing fine.
Image Hosted by Cameron Magee / Courtesy of U.S. Army
“They shot me when I was trying to eat my roast beef MRE,” the sergeant said. Apparently, it’s his favorite kind. “I was already soaking wet with sweat so it took a minute to find out I wasn’t bleeding too.”
You just never know what can happen when you go to eat I guess.

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