Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Different Perspective on Recruiting Obstacles Ass-less Chaps

Fred has an interesting post on what he sees as the genesis for the recruiting issues facing the military today.
Increasingly I believe this generation of young men feels lied to. They -- we -- were told that military service is for saps. That only losers join the military. That the right thing to do is neuter ourselves by going to college and getting jobs and listening to lactating liberal college professors talk about the world through pink-tinted sunglasses. Today's young men don't get a chance to be men, to be warriors, to define themselves. Women can be CEO's, lawyers, firefighters, police officers and so on, but women can still have babies, something that's uniquely, biologically, theirs. Men have no roles left that are uniquely male except, perhaps, for one: Military service in the combat arms. And for a long time there was no case being made that military service was noble.
Here's the rest of the posting.

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