Thursday, June 30, 2005

Another Kofi Plan to Extort US Taxpayer Dollars

If you thought the plan by the UN to tax airline travel which I discussed here. This next one talked about by Claudia Rosett (she's the super reporter who dogged the UN Oil for Food Scandal).

Turtle Bay Tea Party Kofi Annan wants to "reform" the U.N. again. Watch out for your wallet.


But if there is one item in all Mr. Annan's talk of reform that should provoke distinct horror, cold sweats, and mighty fears over the trajectory of the U.N., it is a small cipher embedded in Mr. Annan's tastefully printed and expensively bound proposal for U.N. reform, "In Larger Freedom," Annex item No. 5(d). That would be the proposal that developed countries contribute 0.7% of their gross domestic income to the cause of "official development assistance."

For the U.S. alone, where gross national income now totals about $11 trillion, that would add up to more than $82 billion per year--by itself more than 10 times what the U.N. has already failed miserably to manage well.

Be sure to read this because Claudia has not been wrong yet on the UN!

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