Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Another Father - Son Scandal with the UN

Captain's Quarters:All In The Family, Part Two

CQ is reporting on another UN Scam involving over a Billion Dollars and what did Volcker's Audit do? Volcker gave the Father a clean slate of integrity.

From CQ:

Another UN scam has come to light, according to a Fox News report I missed yesterday, one in which a father-son pair may have combined to ensure access to plenty of cash through the UN's auspices. This time, the Annans are not directly involved, but a Russian involved in the UN's Procurement Department with access to over a billion dollars in funding that he directed to a firm which hired his son as a requirement for the contract:

The staffer in question is Alexander Yakovlev ....... possibly the longest tenured member of the U.N. procurement department — which last ear alone spent more than $1.3 billion buying supplies and services for the United Nations....

The Congressional probes into the Oil-For-Food scam wondered why Stephanides got thrown under the bus so abruptly by Kofi Annan. It looks like Stephanides could testify to these unusual Bring Your Son To Work And Set Him Up As Bagman Days at Turtle Bay, and they wanted to discredit him before he could talk by claiming his involvement in OFF

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