Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Anecdotal Story - GI's to First Class

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John McCaslin has a cool little bit in his June 28th column:

First-class trio Michael Helfrich is president of Blueforce Development Corp., which develops distributed command-and-control applications for the Pentagon, the Department of Homeland Security and first-responders. And when he's not busy with that, he keeps a blog on the Internet.

"As I mentioned in the previous post, I am at the 4th Annual Government Symposium on Information Sharing and Homeland Security in New Orleans," read yesterday's posting. "Quite an apropos trip to be taking, given an opportunity to witness a rare moment on the outbound flight from Boston earlier this morning ...

"I noticed several GIs waiting to board the flight at Logan [International Airport]," he continues. "These folks were surrounded by family members in the departure lounge; hence, it was clear that these guys were headed into harm's way. "Shortly after the doors were closed on the flight, I noticed a great
deal of movement in the first-class cabin. Three men were standing up and collecting their belongings. They headed into coach class, where they offered the GIs their seats up front. "It was a rare moment. These GIs were enlisted men, all clearly destined to be thrown into the thick of things. Yet, people who had probably paid handsomely for seats in 'first' were happily exchanging places. Save for the two characters sitting next to me, the entire coach cabin erupted in cheers."

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