Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Amnesty International Banner says: USA Betraying Human Rights

Powerline has title: Amnesty Shows It's Colors.

Amnesty has now driven itself into irrelevance just like the UN. To berate the US as the violator of human rights of all times is beyond the pale and this organization needs to hear the resonance of disapproval from the American Citizen. We cannot allow this stupid pathetic drivel to continue especially when there are US Troops overseas not only in Iraq and Afghanistan but many other countries where harm can befall them from this reckless and irresponsible propaganda. There just is no excuse. NONE. Personally, I am appalled that there is an American branch of this organization operating in our country.

If I could spit on these people I would. I am beyond disgust with this anti American vitriol.

If you follow the link on the banner, Powerline tells us it takes you to a video of Noam Chomsky. Sick.

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