Sunday, June 19, 2005

Alternate Universe

I sometimes think I'm a bit too plugged into the news, politics and the war. I was visiting my Parents for Father's Day. Three of my brothers were there also and then one of my sisters arrived late this morning.

I try really, really hard not to mention anything about the economy, the war or politics in general. To be honest my Dad does watch Fox News and likes Neil Cavuto. But he also primarily reads the Mpls. Star Tribune (aka The Red Star). Inevitably Dad brings up something. One of my brothers watches very little news on tv (none on cable), reads very little news but if he does it's the Mpls Star and does no internet at all. One brother is a true conservative and does read some on the internet. He's usually the only one who will pipe up to help out. It's always Bush's fault for the economy and of course Dad always brings up something with Bush's policies that I actually don't agree with but not for the same reason my Dad doesn't agree. See, I don't think the government should be in the business of Social Security, al. The uninformed brother is a former union guy who believes that corporations are always evil, thus, anything wrong with anything is the fault of "big business". You name it. The war, illegal immigration, economy, price of gas and Bush is in the pocket of "big business". Oh and he also is not a fan of the military, all of this is a big waste of money in his mind. There's not much connection in seeing how the freeing of Iraqi's will do anything for the USA except spend USDollars. I don't mind these discussions when it's just Dad and myself but add the other components to the mix and I would rather poke a sharp stick in my eye. There's no benefit and there's no serious discussion really. I'm just beating my head against a brick wall and since I'm in the finance area it's all just self interest.

Other than that, it was a fun visit. **grin**

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