Sunday, June 19, 2005

About Time: Defunding Public Broadcasting

HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: Defund Public Broadcasting by Tim Graham

Public Broadcasting is going into a meltdown over the potential defunding of tax dollars to Public Broadcasting. It's music to my ears. I'm very tired of funding a biased organization who has no respect for my opinions or views on the right side of the aisle.

Liberal groups such as Free Press, Common Cause and Media Matters for America leaped into action to preserve the liberal-dominated status quo. The left-wing Internet activists at told its supporters straight out that conservatives were trying to shut down anti-Bush media outlets: “The lawmakers who proposed the cuts aren’t just trying to save money in the budget—they’re trying to decimate any news outlets who question those in power. This is an ideological attack on our free press."
What the left doesn't understand is the free press is the press who are not funded by the government. Think about all the times you've heard from left wing groups that PBS or NPR is centrist or even right of center yet when push comes to shove the people go into panic.

Or here's an example of Mara Liasson who's the other side of balance for Fox News Sunday.
On June 3, NPR touted its first interview with Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean, even though its reporter, Mara Liasson, had helpfully described Dean in February as a “staunch centrist” and “deficit hawk.”
You got that? According to Mara, Dean is a centrist and deficit hawk!

This commentary is full of fun little facts, bits and anecdotes about Public Broadcasting.

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