Sunday, May 08, 2005

Zimbabwe Elected to the U.N. Human Rights Commission

The American Spectator-Jed Babbin: Overtime at the Iniquity Factory

The primary focus of Babbin's article is on Robert Parton and Volcker's instruction from the U.N. to refuse compliance with the House Inquiry Committee. BUT - what grabbed my attention was the action AGAIN of the U.N. to elect a totalitarian dictatorship to the Human Rights Committee. And yet, that paramour of love for the left - Kofi Anan has the insufferable nerve to 'scold' the U.S. for maintaining a nuclear arsenal. Just when, WHEN is the left in this country going to admit how useless and obscene the U.N. has become. Actually, I think I'm giving the U.N. too much credit in saying "has become". I've come to believe the U.N. has never been useful, we just didn't know how incompetent and useless this body has always been. Maybe that's why someone like Kofi just can't understand what he's done wrong.

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