Thursday, May 26, 2005

What You'll Get From JP's Natl Guard Support Site

The National Guard Experience: Help this Blog Carry On

Jean-Paul has REALLY big plans for a support site for The National Guard. And of course in his snarky and humorous way here's what he's planning:

Here's comes a brilliant idea. I'd like to keep writing this blog - AND now include experiences from other National Guardsmen that are willing to occasionally send me a shorty funny story or complaints or kudos about care packages - then I'll post it. One-liners, paragraphs, whatever. You all can compare your adopted National Guard soldier and talk trash to one another about whose is better. This blog will eventually make its way to and I'll even have a message board up dedicated to each National Guard soldier profiled on the blog.

I'll post a super hero soldier profile and post all kinds of horseshit from the frontlines. I hope none of you are expecting me to keep writing my material that often, but if I can get some other National Guard volunteers just beginning their deployment (poor schmucks) or those with at least six months left, then you'll still have something to read. Even better, you can adopt a National Guard soldier from MY BLOG, and actually expect to hear something back - otherwise I'll drop 'em. No other Soldier Support site on the internet offers this service! I anticipate lots of soldiers to join, so let's get it on.

I want to spread the word! If you have a National Guard soldier that is looking for supporters and also wants to share some funny experiences about deployment on this blog, please email me and I'll contact them. Or they can contact me. I really don't care, I just want to start adding some National Guard soldiers that are willing to correspond with supporters back home. And supporters, you have to keep up your end of the contract too. Care packages, short letters, DVDs, and so on.

If you're interested in helping, send some National Guard soldiers my way.

Just a forewarning....He's brought back the BOOHBAH!

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