Tuesday, May 31, 2005

What? Iraq asks U.N. to renew U.S. troop mandate

KR Washington Bureau 05/31/2005 Iraq asks U.N. to renew U.S. troop mandate

I'm not understanding this story at all. Why would Iraq need to get the permission of the UN for this? Just when was it that the UN is the keeper of US presence in Iraq?

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's prime minister asked the United Nations on Tuesday to extend its authorization for U.S. forces to stay in the country, underscoring the fragile hold of the newly elected government at a time of rising insurgent violence.

Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said his government would decide the role of American and other foreign troops, a particularly sensitive issue as the new government tries to establish its legitimacy among the Iraqi people and secure the country against an entrenched insurgency while depending heavily on the U.S. military.

Al-Jaafari said he'd like the U.N. Security Council to extend Resolution 1546, which authorizes the U.S. presence until June 8. He made his comments while addressing the Iraqi National Assembly.

Can anyone help me understand this story?

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