Monday, May 02, 2005

Visas! Visas! Get Your Red-Hot Visas!

New Sisyphus: Visas! Visas! Get Your Red-Hot Visas!

The Daily Demarche has had a discussion going for awhile on Visa's and New Sisyphus gives us some examples of the type of Visa's there are along with examples. What I was completely unaware of:

That issue aside, the most critical matter that Congress needs to address in the realm of immigration law are the visas for which 214(b) does not apply: Hs, Rs, and most importantly, Ls.

Hs are for foreign workers. <.....> In fact, as any FSO on the Line will tell you, DHS rubber-stamps these and gets them off their backs.
Rs are for religious workers. <....> The result has been the entrance to the United States of hoards of little-investigated imams and other Muslim “religious persons” who are actually shills for Wahabbi Islamic Fascism working at, among other places, the King Fahd Mosque in Los Angeles. This visa class reflects the danger of our traditional love for religion; we are unable to recognize enemies in that guise,
it seems.

Ls are for inter-company transfers. This was apparently intended by Congress to help giants like Microsoft or Nike to transfer their global executives from post to post. However, this sloppily-written law enables any old person to start a company in their host country, start a company in the United States and “transfer” oneself to the States. <....>
Can you see the real issues with all 3 of these types of visas. I would just bet or guess that the religious visa based on the New Sis example of an Irish priest came from the esteemed Senator from Massachusets who has a problem with driving and water. The nature and origination for these types of visas is an example of a lobby's influence on legislation. It shows what little care is taken by our legislators with the laws of the country.

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