Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tuscon Home Invasions/Burglaries Jump

Tucson Citizen: VIOLENT break-ins soar

From the chart shown in the article the number was at 20 for 1990-91 with a spike up to 160 in 2001. Hmmm, surprisingly 2002 saw a decrease down to about 125 but then spikes again in 2003 up to 200. Gee, ya think maybe it was due to an increased vigilance on the border due to September 11th? Ahh but how quickly we forget thus border vigilence isn't as important. Wasn't that about when the new and improved Department of Homeland Defense was created? Course we all know it's just 'good' Mexicans illegally crossing the border for jobs - right? No, it's drug smugglers moving their operations into high value residential areas. This ties right into what the Minuteman referenced here referred to.


The use of stash houses in Arizona has residential robberies on the rise. Drug traffickers set up houses around Tucson, making neighborhoods the target of violent crime. This stash of marijuana, totaling 3,335 pounds, was seized by police in a home near Ina and Thornydale roads in February.

Residential robberies in metro Tucson are on a record-setting pace.

Funded by the growing trafficking of Mexican marijuana, smugglers are setting up stash houses throughout the metro area. Rival drug traffickers may target those homes, looking to steal cash or pot or to recover stolen marijuana that can be sold on the street for as much as $500 a pound.

What that means, law officers said, is that more innocent people are at risk of being hurt or killed because traffickers may mistakenly break into their home.

"You have incidents when the bad guys hit the wrong house, or the target moved out a month or so ago ... that's the real danger," said Pima County sheriff's Lt. Michael G. O'Connor, head of the crimes against persons section.

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