Wednesday, May 11, 2005

So Much For Fairness and Objectivity From Those In The Ivory Towers

FrontPage :: How to Get an "A" at One Elite School by David Horowitz

This story tangentialy resembles an event which occurred at a local university here in the Twin Cities. Ann Coulter spoke at the University of St. Thomas a couple weeks ago. Much has been written about it at Powerline and other blogs. The president of the school vehemently denounced Coulter for her talk. Ignoring the Fact that this priest (there's a significance in distinguishing him as a priest) was not at the event he took what the rabble rousers screaming profanity at Coulter as those assaulted. So, last weekend I went to visit my parents for Mother's Day. The topic came up because I gave my Dad the cd's of Ann Coulter's book 'Treason'. His response: wasn't she a speaker at St. Thomas? I said yes. He started talking about what the "priest" had said based on articles from the Mpls. Star Tribune. I told him the "priest" was LYING and he was not at the event. I said, it's really too bad that this "priest" couldn't meet with the people who attended other than those shouting obscenities at Coulter. Dad was having a difficult time believing this "priest" would LIE and I told him, well, he's got an agenda too. I also recounted to Dad this was the same "priest" who thought Castro and Cuba was a wonderful place with a great education system and health care system. That this was a "priest" who when the Cuban baseball team came into town, one of the Cuban players defected. The "priest" forbade anyone from St. Thomas in assisting this Cuban player and told the Cuban player if he would just come back all would be okay. This "priest" was SURE there would be no retribution from Castro. So much for fairness and objectivity from a Catholic University. So much for fairness and objectivity from the Mpls. Star Tribune (yeah, I know, no surprise with that one).

David Horowitz talks about another situation where a student writes a paper on the war in Iraq. The student got an F and the professor gave him another chance to rewrite the paper if the student would just use the "correct sources" for the paper. So, the student takes the existing paper and changes positive words about the war to negative words about the war and shazam.....the student gets an A!!

Quote from Horowitz:
Far too many of today's tenured faculty are political activists first and teachers only secondarily, if at all. Their agenda is indoctrinating students in their own political prejudices, while their academic colleagues who are not activists or ideologues studiously refuse to notice the abuses that are going on.

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