Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Poor Kevin Sites Is Suffering Emotionally!

Kevin Sites: Show the Shooting in the Mosque

So Kevin Sites is now saying that the American people need to see the whole video to decide for themselves about the Marine shooting in the mosque.
Sites, a 43-year-old freelance television correspondent for NBC, captured the entire episode with his camera. The U.S. networks, including NBC, broadcast the story of the mosque but blacked out the actual shooting. But the Arab world saw everything -- and reacted with revulsion.

American conservatives attacked Sites for shooting an incident that they claim unfairly undermined the morale of the Marines, while antiwar activists used it to attack the war itself. Still, in this country, it became the shooting few people saw.

Sites said that must change. "People need to see the full video, so that they can make up their own minds about what happened," he told me during an interview from his California home. "It is important to show the reality of war. It is important to tell the truth, the whole truth. ... You cannot hide the truth. You cannot bury the truth. You cannot destroy the truth."

Does that mean that American media also need to show ALL videos so nothing is sanitized because it's important for everyone to see the reality of war. This of course would mean on the 5pm Network News every Islamic terrorist beheading video has to be shown in full. This means that every mass grave uncovered in Iraq must be shown. This means that the videos from Saddam Hussein which show the cutting off of hands of Iraqi's must be shown. Or how about the videos of the human shredding machine. ALL of the videos of Saddam's atrocities MUST be shown. In addition, I would hope there is some video out there showing an Islamic terrorist feigning dead but really is a human bomb igniting themself murdering innocents and American soldiers to balance why a Marine would think the Islamic terrorist was feigning dead in the split second decision to shoot him?

Sites then says:
"It is shocking what happens in war," he said. "Maybe we are not conditioned to see much. The stuff that is shown is fairly well sanitized. ... War is about killing people."

Well golly gee Kevin, I didn't know that! Does he really think most Americans don't realize war is about killing? Are Kevin and his media coherts the only people intelligent enough to know this without seeing the video?

He goes on to say:
Sites is suffering emotionally in the aftermath of the story. The Marines had viewed him as a friendly face in a sea of media doubters. He even helped carry one wounded soldier to safety on a stretcher. His sympathetic portraits of the young people at war on the network and on his popular blog got him scores of thank-you letters: "They told me I was the only one telling the real story of what happened."

That's my bolding emphasis because well you know, I just 'feel' so sorry for poor widdle Kevin suffering emotionally after his own choices of pooling the video and pretending he was doing this for journalistic integrity vs. a money making venture in the face of the Marines who had come to trust his judgement and integrity.

There's more from Kevin and his pitiful attempt to rationalize what he did with this video to discredit the Marines.

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