Friday, May 06, 2005

A picture is worth a thousand words - Oliver North Gets The Names Right

Oliver North: A picture is worth a thousand words

So Oliver North is capable of getting the names correct on "The Picture" (Photo taken by Michael Yon of Maj. Mark Bieger carrying the Iraqi child). I wonder if other media types and organizations will give credit where credit is due? He also talks about the recent announcement that SCOTUS will take up the case of universities/schools receiving federal funding but refusing to allow military recruiters on campus. He has this to say:

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to take up a case in which "elite" universities are suing the Pentagon to keep military recruiters off their campuses so they don't "corrupt" the academic environment. Their beef is a federal statute known as the Solomon Amendment, originally passed in 1994, which provides that federal funding may be withheld from institutions of higher education that refuse military recruiters the same opportunities afforded to recruiters from other companies.

Thirty law schools have joined under the banner of the Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, claiming that they are being forced by the Solomon Amendment to "actively support military recruiters" who engage in "discriminatory hiring practices." The target of their protest, they claim, is the Clinton administration's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy toward open homosexual service in the military.

In fact, colleges and universities have been trying to keep military recruiters and ROTC programs off campus for decades. Harvard, the school leading the charge against the Solomon Amendment, banished ROTC in 1969, forcing cadets to walk across town to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the past 36 years. Yale, Stanford, Columbia and Brown are among many other institutions that have shunned ROTC for decades.

Today's military relies on educated individuals joining the ranks as surgeons, JAG lawyers, chaplains and engineers. These vital roles could more easily and efficiently be filled but for the bitter opposition on campuses by elitist professors, students and administrators.

Ironically, their freedom to protest is defended by the very people they are protesting.

There's more from Colonel North on Major Mark Bieger.

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