Monday, May 30, 2005 - Help wounded American soldiers - Help wounded American soldiers

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Founded by education entrepreneur, Michael Clifford, the organization will provide special college scholarships and job placement in leading American corporations for these heroes. The organization will also offer mental health guidance and support to the families.

Says Clifford, “Our goal is to visit the bedsides of these amputees, talk to them about their dreams, and then help them achieve those goals. We want to provide everything that they and their families will need to be successful and live stable, productive lives. We will offer Inspiration, Aspiration, Motivation and Implementation.”

Clifford has already pledged the resources of his school, Grand Canyon University ( and is seeking other institutions to participate by providing all-expense paid degree programs to these heroes.

“We are challenging our nation's corporations and business leaders to provide funding for the program, as well as provide career opportunities,” says Clifford. “We are also approaching several Senators to help us obtain a faith-based grant for our program. All American's are urged to give, to donate of their time, money, energy, and personal as well as corporate resources in faith to help other in need in our country since our government can't do it all.”

“We want to provide opportunity and support for every American warrior who dreamed of going to college and having a fulfilling career, yet who saw their dream shattered by an injury suffered while serving their country. We will help create rich lives for these, our finest heroes, working and living with dignity and pride with their families.”

Clifford is partnering with a private company which, he says, “enjoys as its only exclusive members all sitting CEOs of the Fortune 100” to provide jobs. He also expects to have more than 200 schools participating. Clifford will be launching a media campaign later this summer to spread the message of

The Dream is not limited to college. You could be looking for a Chef school or a automotive specialty. There is no limit is my understanding.

You can help right now!

Give money! You can donate money. Whether you are able to contribute five or five thousand dollars, we need your help to help our heroes. Every dollar counts. Click here to donate money!

Give scholarships! You can give scholarships. If you work at a college or university, talk to your leadership about providing full scholarships. If you are a graduate of a college or university, contact your alumni association and get them
involved. Click here to donate scholarships!

Give jobs! You can give jobs. Are there positions in your company that you would like to make available to these heroes? Let us know and we will match up qualified candidates. Click here to donate jobs!

Sign our petition to President Bush. We’re asking the President to commit 10% of all Faith Based Imitative Grant funding to all organizations that help our wounded heroes and will match every dollar. Please take one minute to add your name to the persuasive power of our request by signing the petition. Click here to sign the petition!

Please help.

When they were asked, these worthy warriors stepped forward for all of us. Now it’s our turn to help them get their dream!

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