Thursday, May 05, 2005

Less spending, year after year

Tom Tiller: Less spending, year after year
My lord, there's actually a CEO in Minnesota that thinks this way? Whowuddathunkit? If you read the Mpls Star Tribune you'd think someone like this doesn't exist in corporate America. See, Minnesota is again going on a spending spree. There has not been a spending cut in Minnesota, well for as long as I can remember, only increases. You wouldn't know this by listening to the Democrat controlled Senate but all that's ever happened is a decrease in the amount of the budget increase! So, what's happening now? Well, lets see: increase in the minimum wage of $1 which should make all those unions in the state estatic. Especially ALL of the Government unions. And what does our esteemed REPUBLICAN Governor say? He says, I'll happily sign it. The next thing? Oh yeah, they're going to build a baseball stadium for a billionaire and his multimillionaire employees! This is going to happen in my county where the county commissioners are going to conveniently find a way to circumvent the referendum law because this would be accomplished through an increase in the county sales tax. Yummmy. And what are the Republicans in this state saying? **silence** Well, not exactly silence, what other cities want to be able to do is raise or create a city sales tax without having to take it to the voters. Then other Republicans will go along. But, as they say, they're better than the Democrats. Here's what I say to them: No you not. With a Democrat I know darn well the only thing Democrats know how to do is raise taxes and spend, spend, spend. Republicans are acting like Democrats in sheeps clothing. So, don't be too surprised is you RHINO's out there in Minnesota land lose your butts again in the next election.

Then, they're funding another rail line. Sure, we've already got the billion dollar light rail system to nowhere which they are trying to tell us will pay for itself. Yummmy.

Oh lets see, what else are they doing? Well, we just have to pour tax dollars down that black hole they call Education. It's for the "children" after all, you know.

Let's increase the gas tax, yeah that will work. We can use the additional funds for anything but road building. Yummy.

How about changing the mandated amount of ethanol added to Minnesota fuel. Yeah, let's go from 10% to 20%, never mind that the current combustion engines don't accomodate that percentage. It'll help the farmers in their welfare program plus supposedly help the environment. But of course, that isn't true and they know it. It takes a gallon and a half of fuel to produce one gallon of ethanol. Yummy.

Oops, I forgot in my little rant to quote Tom Keller from Polaris. He actually made sense which means we MUST ignore anything he said at all costs.
While the Star Tribune and others have suggested looking to the past to decide tax and spending policy, I would respectfully submit that it may be more instructive to look toward the future. Infrastructure needs and demographic pressures, both in terms of population growth and age, will increase demands on government. In addition, government will experience the insatiable demands of consumers -- citizens -- who expect services to be faster, more convenient and less expensive. At the same time, global competition will accelerate. Emerging economies like China and India will challenge our companies' competitiveness. Raising taxes will erode the competitiveness of the private sector, which is the source of our tax revenue.

Thanks to AntiStrib for the linkage. BTW - there's a pretty good rant from AntiStrib on the state's tax and spendsters.

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