Sunday, May 15, 2005

It's What You Say, Not What You Do That's Important

Bolton's sin is telling truth about system

Mark Steyn hits the bullseye with this column. The Appeasers, Multilateralists, Euro loving Socialists, RINO's Republican weenies and Democrats all care more about what is said vs. action. For example, the UN and Kofi Anan made all of these comments after the tsunami calling the U.S. stingy, not ponying up to the UN and playing N'Ice with the world. What did the UN do? A month after the tsunami they showed up with birth control kits to distribute. Then we have that great country of Canada, sooooo generous aren't they! Umm, well not exactly. Canada pledged $425 million in January. What have they actually given? About $40,000 in USDollars. But President George Bush is 'Stingy'.

It's weak-kneed, appeasers apologists like those above that are against John Bolton because Bolton acts instead of just talking. His talking isn't meant to divert, equivocate or dare I say "LIE" like the appeasers and multilateralists. His focus is to repair and reform the UN. Not my choice personally since I don't think the UN is repairable. Look what the UN did last week - voted Zimbabwe to the Human Rights Committee.

Sen. George Voinovich, one of those "maverick Republicans" the press goes goo-goo over, seems to believe, as Cliff May puts it, "that the problem is more American 'unilateralism' than U.N. corruption, immorality, anti-Americanism and ineptitude."

On the face of it, this shouldn't be a difficult choice, even for as uncurious a squish as Voinovich. Whatever one feels about it, the United States manages to function. The U.N. apparatus doesn't. Indeed, the United States does the U.N.'s job better than the U.N. does.

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