Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Islam: The marriage game with American Women

Jihad Watch: Fitzgerald: The marriage game

The naivete of American women when it comes to marrying foreign Islamic men is a prime example of self delusion. Then, when the children of these marriages are dragged across the world to an Islamic country the women keep wondering WHY oh WHY can't the U.S. do MORE to help rescue their children. I'll bet when people told these women to think twice prior to entering into these marriages they were told that was silly or 'not in my case'. This has been going on since the 70's at least. I remember from my University days all of the Iranians staying in a certain apartment building and targeting American women. I also worked with an Iranian woman at the University (she was also a student). To our faces she was sweet and ever so nice to us. Unknown to her though, one time we had with us a person who understood her language. She was talking with another Iranian student in her language while we were all together and low and behold what was she saying? Well, she spoke of 'us' in a derisive and insulting tone and words. It was a long lasting lesson for me. I was pretty naive back then with a tendency to trust all of any shape or form. That pretty much ended then and there for me. Especially when I am around anyone who speaks in a foreign language yet I know they are fluent in English, my radar goes up and suspicians abound. Just to be clear, this is when they are in my country/state.

The Jihad Watch has an excellent posting on this. He lists examples and behaviors to watch.

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