Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I'm In Shock! 10,000 Visitors

10,000th Visitor occurred at 9:37 pm CDT. Whoever it is from you win the hmmm. Nuttin honey. Except for my extreme gratitude for stopping by. ~~Big Smile~~

To be honest when I started to blog last fall all I knew was that I thought it would be fun and I'd give it a try. Maybe I'd learn something about html, make some friends and have a trickle of traffic. Course, in measuring against some of the biggies out there, I'm still insignificant and puny. BUT, I'm in shock that I've even attained 10,000 visits.

So, thank you to all who visit and hopefully will continue to visit. I surely hope my range of blogger friends grows as time goes on. I know for sure if it wasn't for Mudville Gazette's Open Posting and blogger hints I wouldn't even be close to this number. Course, posting that picture of Kiran Chetry is still a big draw through all of the search engines, get around 10 each day....go figure! Especially thanks to GeeDubya, mdmhvonpa and the guy who kept bugging me to start my own blog.....American Warmonger.

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