Monday, May 23, 2005

Illegal immigrants get home loans, low interest - Wisc State & Fed Money

Illegal immigrants get home loans, low interest even : The Immigration Blog

GAAA. Great gnashing of teeth on this one. This makes me so nutz I can't even come up with a comment without hurling superlatives against the wall.

Tuesday night [5/17/05], in a vote of 15-4, a majority of the Madison Common Council signed off on a resolution allowing undocumented workers to apply for low-interest housing loans through the city Community Development Block Grant programs... These "undocumented workers" need to have an ITIN ("Individual
Taxpayer Identification Number"), which is similar to a Social Security number. SSNs are, of course, not available to illegal aliens, but ITINs are.

Note that this isn't just an isolated case of a "liberal" city deciding to support illegal immigration. As with other issues related to illegal immigration, it gets worse the more you look into it.

The quasi-governmental Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority already guarantees home loans to illegal immigrants. Here's a quote from their director, Antonio Riley:

"We don't see what can be so controversial about helping people realize the dream of homeownership."
Thankfully, WI Sen. Glenn Grothman has introduced legislation that would put an end to Madison's loan program as well as WHEDA guaranteeing such loans:

[Grothman] says the idea is "almost comical". He says it's absurd to offer assistance to people who are in the country illegally. "What type of message are we sending to people?" He says. "We're telling the border guards we don't appreciate their job. We're telling the people that inspect local business that we don't care what they do. We're telling anybody who is waiting to get into this country legally that they're a bunch of suckers for trying to obey the law. It's absolutely comical." Now, here's where the story gets even worse. Not only are Madison, the WHEDA, and several banks involved, but so is the (U.S.) federal government. And, they're working with the Mexican government to get loans to illegal aliens.

The FDIC is "independent agency of the federal government", and last year they continued a pilot program they started in 2003.

Why don't we just quit fooling ourselves. Government bureaucrats want open borders as do way too many politicians. Why is it? What's in it for them? Is it great government programs? A constituency?

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