Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Michelle Malkin

Wow - this could be interesting. I'll just bet Hillary is 'effing up a storm right about now. I was listening to Buzz Patterson yesterday on 'Right Talk' radio. He was talking about his experience working in the White House with HRC (this wasn't included in his book). He was saying how HRC has a major potty mouth. It was interesting when you think about what the hypocritical Senators were saying about John Bolton when you've got a major abuser in their midst in the name of Hillary Rodham (not Rodman per Senator Dayton of MN) Clinton. I guess Hill's favorite word of abuse is the 'effer.

Anyway...from Michelle which is from an email she got from Peter Paul:
Yes, I was coerced to become her biggest contributor by far, but when I discovered she didnt report my contribution in February, 2001, I immediately approached the FBI and the Justice Dept with all the details of what she did. I am the one even the NY Times credits with causing Rosen's indictment, the first ever indictment of a Senator's fnance director for election fraud. I am the one who had EIGHT proffer meetings with Ashcroft's staff, including Chertoff, from Mar 30 - October 20, 2001, detailing everything about the actions of Ed Rendell as DNC Chair who orchestrated what I did with the Clintons, Terry McAuliffe aided and abetted it, the Clintons masterminded it and neither Ashcroft nor Chertoff would enforce the law from 2001 until after they both left- Rosen's indictment was unsealed...
...I had to bring a civil action against the Clintons for fraud and extortion to provide a roadmap for the government to charge Rosen. I publicized the Clinton's crimes through a press conference when the civil suit was filed June 17, 2001, when my FEC complaint was filed on July 16, 2001, I participated in a press conference Larry Klayman held at the National Press Club via telephone from Brazil. See the demand letter I sent Hillary via messenger that day (attached) and then question why she avoided being indicted for the July 30 FREC report her campaign filed 2 weeks later for which david Rosen is now facing 5 years in jail .

Well once again I have to act because the government refusess to hold Hillary accountable for the same criminal misconduct that her functionary faces 15 years in porison for. -I am launching the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, on the Sean Hannity Radio show (4:30pm) and then the Hannity and Colmes TV show (9:15-30pm EST)...

She's also got some links. I wish, just once, the 'stuff' wouldn't flow off of Hillary and Bill's backs like teflon. Let's see if there are any above the fold front page headlines on this story like they have on Tom Delay! Yeah, I know, don't hold your breath.

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