Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Garrison Keillor - NPR Tax Dollars At Work

FOXNews.com - The Asman Observer - Taking Aim at Conservative Radio - Garrison Keillor

So Public Broadcasting is balanced huh? Course this isn't the first time Keillor has gone off the deep end. Back in 2002 he stated that now Senator Norm Coleman and President Bush were behind the death of Senator Paul Wellstone. He said they engineered the downing the of Wellstone's plane so Coleman would get elected to Senator replacing Wellstone. The diatribe by Keillor was spittle spewing nonsense but that didn't matter because all of the lefties at MN NPR "loved" Paul Wellstone. Many of the Wellstone socialists still have the Wellstone for Senator bumper stickers on their vehicles. Then of course, there's the new bumpers stickers that say: "What would Wellstone Do?". **gag**

Sure, I'm thrilled that I as a Conservative PAY for this insufferable, bloviating, Euro-loving egotist to stay on the radio and say things like this:

National Public Radio host Garrison Keillor (search) has his knickers in a twist about conservative radio hosts, who he describes in an article in The Nation as “…evil, lying, cynical bastards who are out to destroy the country I love and turn it into a banana republic, but hey, nobody's perfect.”

Link from Mrs. Greyhawk's Dawn Patrol.

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