Monday, May 16, 2005

Former Feminist Just Finds Out Clinton has History of Being a Sexual Predator

Missing Chapters of Clinton's "My Life" Exposed in New Book - Yahoo! News

I think this woman must have been living in a box all through the '90's. I mean good grief - like this is a revelation? Most people will call Clinton a "Philanderer" but come on, he's a sexual predator. The Media loves he and his wife so much it doesn't matter to them what they do.

Drawn from first-hand interviews and hundreds of sources, the book promises to counter Clinton's recent efforts to rehabilitate his legacy, although it does not focus on the morality of Clinton"s philandering but rather his willingness to wield his political power against his victims.

The book's publication has been hailed by the women whose story it profiles. Clinton sexual harassment accuser Kathleen Willey praises the book as "the most accurate portrayal...of the true nightmare Bill and Hillary put me through." Alleged Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick says "Their Lives" is "a complete chronological account."

I suppose this could be considered a good thing along the lines of better late than never!

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