Thursday, May 05, 2005

Don't Ever Doubt Why We Fight Terror

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From El Capitan:
As a father and a soldier, this photo absolutely tears me apart. To the detractors of this war, don't ever say we're there for oil/money/power, etc. We're there to stop the killing and oppression of the innocents. These are terrorists, not insurgents. We continue to fight because we don't want this to continue. This is a fight for human dignity, human rights, and freedom, and soldiers like this will continue to risk their lives to stop this carnage. They do it not because they want to, but because nobody else will. This is the American Soldier.
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Remember, they are not Insurgents killing children... they are Terrorists.

Fred Schoeneman brought to light the photographer behind this photo in the comments section at Mudville Gazette. Greyhawk now has an a more extensive posting on this amazing photo. It wasn't AP which was credited in many stories. It's Mike Yon, go check out his site because the man has an incredible story behind both the photo and on Mike Yon. I certainly hope AP and apparently The NY Post who have not given proper credit and ownership to the photo rectify the error.

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