Tuesday, May 17, 2005

"The Donald" questions Cost of New UN Bldg

Trouble At Turtle Bay

Powerline's John Hinderaker writes about Donald Trump's evaluation of the proposed UN Building. This deal with the UN building has been going on for at least 3 years. The first time I heard about it Kofi Annan was looking for an interest free loan from the US Government PLUS land to build a new building to "temporarily" house the UN while the old UN Building was being renovated. All the while this is happening Kofi is undercutting the U.S. in it's efforts on the war on terror. The hubris of Kofi Annan is unending.

Comments from "The Donald":
Mr. Trump told him that building he built for $350 million was the top of the line. It has the highest quality of anything you would need in it. They discussed the matter, and an arrangement was made for Mr. Trump to meet Kofi Annan, Secretary-General, to discuss the concerns. . . . So according to Mr. Trump, who I talked to personally this morning, they go meet with Mr. Annan, who had asked some staff member to be there . . . When the European asked how these numbers could happen, Mr. Trump said the only way would be because of incompetence, or fraud. That is how strongly he felt about this price tag because he pointed out to me that renovation costs much less than building an entirely new building. So he has a meeting with Mr. Annan, and they have some discussion. And Mr. Trump says these figures can't be acceptable. He told me in my conversation this morning, he said: You can quote me.

So, we've got more in the graft and corruption area for the UN from my perspective. Just another in a long line of aggregious examples of a useless and bankrupt body - The United Nations.

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