Thursday, May 19, 2005

Details on McCain/Kennedy Open Border Bill

Terence Jeffrey: Guest-worker plan is un-American

Anyone who thinks John McCain is remotely a Conservative has been drinking the koolaid way too often. Aside from the fact that this bill is sponsored by Teddy Kennedy also is almost beside the fact.
But while his minimum-wage proposal may be bad economics, his guest-worker plan is worse: It is un-American.

It would create a new H-5A visa that would allow an alien to live and work in the United States for three years. This visa would be renewable once. After that, the employer can sponsor the guest worker for permanent residency status, or the guest worker can apply for that status himself. But to get the visa in the first place, the alien must be willing to take a job offered at a pay rate that the American employer could not get an American worker to accept. Once in the country, in this low-paying job, the worker can switch to another job, but he must leave the country if he is unemployed for more than 60 days.

Initially, 400,000 new guest workers would be allowed into the country each year on this basis. But, according to Kennedy's summary, if the demand for these must-be-paid-less-than-American workers is greater than 400,000 per year, the number can be "adjusted up."

[Note: my emphasis on the bolding]

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