Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Currie for Congress?

Sic Vis Pacem, Para Bellum: GRANDPA WAS RIGHT

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This is just a bit more encouragement for LT. C.

Update: 5/25
Looks like I missed an update from Lt. Currie. In case you didn't know, it is my understanding he will be running against Calif. Rep Maxine Waters. If you aren't familiar with her just do a search on her name and you will find a true Socialist and (I think) a blame America first nutjob. She has no problem making what I would deem to be racist remarks but hate speech is only hate speech if it's made by a white middle or upperclass male. Disclaimer - these are MY comments and not Lt. Currie's.

Anyway, here's some new info from Currie:

Currie for Congress
P.O. Box 2265
Venice, CA 90294

This address is where contributions can be sent, and once the website is up there will also be a method for making electronic contributions, I will also be starting another blog off of this one.

I will no longer be associating my experiences in Iraq and the campaign on the same blog, I have and continue to think it in poor taste on my part to do this, so anything relating to Currie for Congress will be on the official website, (to be initiated this week), and any thoughts or comments relating to it will be on the campaign blog. All of you who wish to contribute, now is the time. There is much work to be done and and time (my wife can attest to this) is not on my side.

Update 6/03/05: NOTR from Rofasix asked in the comments...
As I recall there is an Army Regulation or maybe a Federal Law that precludes campaigning for office while on active duty. Mr. Currie ought to make sure he is perfectly good to go before he finds himself beartrapped.

Lt. Currie's Response to the question:
You are correct, there is a DoD directive preventing me from campaigning while on active duty, I however am not campaigning. I have announced my intent to run, and am receiving updates from my team of volunteers who are paving the way for me to actively run when I re-deploy back to the states.

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