Sunday, May 29, 2005

Clinton Endorses Tsunami Aid for Sri Lankan Rebels

Washington Post

Before I write anything about Clinton and his Tsunami Ambassadorship, who exactly is buying the former President's clothes?? Mustang23 currently has a naming contest going where the former President is wearing a suit with a hot pink tie and now this picture with the hot pink shirt. Has anyone bothered to tell the former President that the METROSEXUAL is not a HOT item today. Metrosexuals are considererd to be lame and LOSERS! He needs to get out of the '90's. The '90's are gone, over, finis, done. He's got the hand thing going in this picture as in the one M23 has up. One last point about this picture, this man looks like he has aged about 20 years since his term was up as President. It's like his Dorian Grey mystique has gone up in flames.

Subtext for photo:
Bill Clinton, former U.S. President and U.N. special envoy for post-tsunami reconstruction, speaks during a press conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Saturday, May 28, 2005. Clinton is making his second visit to Asia this year to ensure that the world's attention remains focused on tsunami recovery efforts, the United Nations said. (AP Photo/Eranga Jayawardena) (Eranga Jayawardena - AP)

Back to the story. I didn't know all or part of the tsunami relief was intended to prop up rebel factions in Sri Lanka. Here we go again. Clinton who is representing the UN is appeasing and promoting the support to a what the WP calls "guerrillas". Surprisingly, this group of guerrillas is listed as a terrorist organization by the U.S. But hey, no matter, if we give them money maybe they'll play nice in Sri Lanka. Clinton and the UN will never learn will they. You don't appease murdering, fascistic groups. They will take your money and murder you. And people keep yammering about 'oh, wouldn't it be wonderful' if former President Clinton were made the SG for the UN? This is the man who was more interested in a golf tournament than taking Bin Laden into custody back in 1998. I won't even get into his status (in my mind) of being a Sexual Predator, but then, on second thought he would be a perfect fit for the UN job. The UN has a whole group of "Peacekeeping Forces" who created the 'Food for Sex' program in Dafur recently and in other countries of note previously.

This again confirms for me, the UN is a useless, morally bankrupt and dangerous (yes - dangerous) organization. The United States needs to get out of the UN and the UN needs to get out of the United States. I've posted on the UN previously here, here, here, and these are but just a few of my postings on the corruptness and evilness of the UN.

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