Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bill Nassif - WWII POW: Someone You Should Get To Know!

I met Bill Nassif one night a couple years ago. I was out for dinner with a group of friends and Bill joined the group. He happened to sit next to me and otherwise I had never met Bill before. One of the group mentioned Bill was a WWII vet and that he had been a POW. So, Bill started to tell stories. He is the best story teller because he's got the best stories to tell from his personal experiences and he's funny. He was telling me a story about one prison camp where he was held. Bill worked with the prison guard dogs so they were very familiar and friendly with him. One day Bill decided he wanted to go to the little village near the camp. So he got the guard dog and off they slipped out of the camp. Bill spent an afternoon in this village wandering around and avoiding any German soldiers. Finally, they recognized him so off he went back to camp. I've often thought about talking again with Bill just to get some more of his wonderful stories but of course this hasn't happened. Maybe I should do that now and get it recorded.

My local community paper has just completed a series of stories on Veterans from the area and one of the stories is about Bill Nassif. The "Laker" isn't online so I took a picture of the article to post online. This is from the Westonka Laker, Volume XXXI. No. 39 dated May 28, 2005. The writer is Nels Hanssen.
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If by chance you can't read the one section towards the bottom it says: The pilot of this plane announced that he himself was lost and had been patrolling the wrong ocean. But rescued and rescuer all made it safely to their base.

Here's the second Page:
Here's the third Page:
I found out alot of interesting information from this story about Bill, what an amazing man. BTW - I'm guessing the prison camp Bill slipped away from was the one in Moosburg.

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