Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Be Sure to Cough When Using This.

Vikings: Onterrio Smith caught with kit to foil drug tests

Aside from the extremes Smith goes to avoid drug testing, this story about the Whizzinator is just plain weird.
The $150 device includes a prosthetic penis attached to a jockstrap and plastic bag. Using a syringe, the user fills the bag with a precisely measured amount of water blended with the urine powder to create a clean sample. When the user takes a drug test in front of an observer, the water is released through the prosthetic with a valve (the instructions recommend the user cough to hide the sound of the valve unsnapping).

On its website, manufacturers of The Original Whizzinator market the instrument as an "undetectable,"foolproof" and "re-usable" urinating device.

On the subject of professional athletes and drugs - how about booting them out of a job? How many times do these over paid and spoilt athletes have to be caught in criminal behavior before getting fired?

Note: I had originally titled this posting The Original Whizzinator but thought better of it since I don't want to attract bizarro searches based on key words.

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