Friday, May 13, 2005

Alpha-1 Awareness Month

The Jump Blog: Alpha-1 Awareness Month

You should read about this disease. It affects your breathing ability during strenuous physical activity. The scary part is the diagnosis rate is very low with a 6 to 9 year time frame (if you're lucky) to be diagnosed correctly.

Here's a bit of Jump Blog's Story:
Within 3 months I had collapsed on several runs and failed an APFT run. Slow run times had kept me from going back to my beloved 2nd Brigade, 82nd ABN DIV, so I was assigned to DISCOM (the DIvision Support COMmand). This was probably the lowest point in my life. The doctors could find nothing wrong with me, my chain of command thought I was goldbricking, and I was starting to believe that this might all be in my head. Maybe I was imagining it all. In August 0f 2001 I was medically discharged from the U.S. Army and rated at 15% disabled. The diagnosis was "chronic costochondritis", which my doctor told me was what they put down when they didn't know what was wrong.

He also suggested I see a mental health professional.

You never know, you might know someone who's had this type of health problem.

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