Monday, May 02, 2005

ABOUT TIME: SCOTUS to decide military recruiting case / US - US Supreme Court to decide military recruiting case

This should be interesting. I'm not confident though in the SCOTUS especially when one considers Justice Bryer and O'Connor advocation towards international law. Hopefully, common sense will prevail. Unfortunately the term for this won't begin until October. Not soon enough for me.

The US Supreme Court on Monday agreed to get involved in another potentially explosive social issue, saying it would decide whether the US government can cut off federal funding to colleges and universities that bar military recruiters from campus to protest the military's treatment of gays.
This case involves the constitutionality of a 1994 law federal law requiring colleges and universities to give military recruiters the same access it gives other employers. If they refuse, they can lose federal funding. A coalition of law schools challenged the law, saying it forced them to violate their own anti-discrimination policies. A federal appeals court blocked the government from enforcing the law, because it violated the constitutional free speech rights of the law schools that sued.
The law, known as the Solomon Amendment, "reflects Congress' judgment that a crucial component of an effective military recruitment program is equal access to college and university campuses," the brief said. "If institutions do not wish to associate with military recruiters," the government says "they may decline to associate with the federal funding."

I think the last sentence about says it all.

Link from Lucianne.

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