Wednesday, May 04, 2005

$82 Billion Bill Advances With War Funds, Add-Ons

$82 Billion Bill Advances With War Funds, Add-Ons

Looks to me like this bill boils down to:

**$76 Billion for combat-related expenditures ($921 Million over the President's request) but it includes Service member death benefits and the onetime death gratuity for combat fatalities. PLUS a $100,000 insurance benefit for soldiers who have suffered traumatic injuries which I had referred to here. I wonder if the death benefits and gratuity along with the insurance uses this total increase of $921 Million? I doubt it which makes me wonder what the difference is going towards?

**$240 Million for International Food Aid with $50 Million to Darfur.

**$4.2 Billion for foreign assistance with $592 Million for a Baghdad Embassy and $200 for the Palestinians (at least there's some caveats attached to this of an independent audit. Hmmm. Wonder who will be doing this? Maybe they'll use Volcker again....that's a joke. There's $907 Million for tsunami relief - wonder if that includes reimbursing the military for use of ships etc? Seems a little high to me. Then of course, you knew that we (as in the U.S.) would be paying for this - $25.4 Million for early warning system for deadly storms.

**$635 Million for DHS with an addition of $450 Million to hire border patrol, immigration, customs agents and beef up detention facilities. I'd like to see an audit of that in a year!

So that puts the total at $81.075 Billion. So there's a mere $925 Million unaccounted for by my calculations according the info from the Washington Post. I'm sure the tax spenders in D.C. consider that to be what I used to call 'flyshit' in accounting terms when you're dealing with materiality. But in my current life that wouldn't be insignificant and I'm a little concerned how freely these numbers get thrown around. Ah well, a billion here and a billion there. No big deal.

One good thing so far, little whiny Harry Reid didn't get his funding for Nevada's agricultural and water projects (that was only $95 Million *cough cough*). Course that doesn't mean wittle Harry won't try some shenanigans in the Senate approval. But the Senate doesn't have a very long time to jerk around with this funding before the military machine comes to a stop.

Just think folks, this is JUST for the War Funds Bill. *struggling to breath now*

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