Saturday, April 09, 2005

Yale Elites Plan for New Bill Of Rights

Power Line:The $80,000 misunderstanding
Powerline received this from a reader:

Recently I got an invitation from the YLS to register for an upcoming conference at YLS called "The Constitution in 2020." Their plan is simple - they plan to congregate to produce a vision of what the Constitution should be for 2020 and then to colloborate on how to use their influence and judicial power to accomplish it. Their posts with their plans for the conference are here.

If you can make it through the notes it's well worth the read to scare the living crap out any conservative. BTW - YLS is Yale Law School.

Here's just a couple anedotes for change:
--first: idea of political citizenship. Has eroded (the draft, the political party)-design institutions that will allow us to assert interactive citizenship
--idea: $ for voting-give $ to whichever candidate people choose-this would encourage people to talk. We would have block parties to discuss this. "Patriot Dollars"
--people really are ignorant but are tremendously good learners-one day's discussion motivates ppl to find out things-causes 10 percentage point shift in opinion-national holiday called "Deliberation Day" two weeks before the election. This would force pols to redistribute sound bites-creates an interest for politicians to offer more.

In left wing/socialist/elitist jibber jabber what in tarnation does "interactive citizenship" mean? I'm also happy to hear that even though I'm ignorant, I can be a tremendously good learner!!

Gaaaaaaa. I can't even comment any further on this load of drek. But, people need to understand just where people like Dean and Hillary Clinton are heading. Everyone (meaning conservatives of many stripes) all complain about President Bush but sometimes we do have to keep in mind what the alternative could be.

Linked this post to Outside The Beltway and The Daily Demarche.

Update from Powerline: Guess who is the major sponsor of the Yale Conference? GEORGE SOROS! Yes, that Soros who is the money behind MoveOn dot Org. Yes, that Soros who is (allegedly) buying up oil futures which is a factor in the increase cost of gas.

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