Thursday, April 07, 2005

Who Do You Think Is Right About The Stryker?

My Experience during OIF: .................and a wake up.

Scottie caught this story in the Washington Post - Study Faults Army Vehicle and he's pretty disappointed in the WP. I read the same story because I get highlights by email. My reaction was one of surprise but since I'm not really conversant on the Stryker I thought wow, must be a problem.

Well Scottie has something to say about that!
Some how the Post got an document from the CALL that talked about the Stryker vehicle. In this article they discussed some things that could be improved. Now before I go any further I want to state that the Stryker is, in my opinion, the greatest vehicle the military has ever had. It has saved countless lives here in Iraq and recently saved the life of one of my best friends. The Washington Post took an article talking about improvements that could be made and printed an article about how bad the Stryker was and how it was putting our soldiers lives at risk. I want to tell you that that is absolute bullsh@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad Scottie is willing to tell us what he really thinks. Seriously though, I am glad because I probably would have somewhat believed the WP until I perchance heard someone refute the story.

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