Friday, April 08, 2005

TSA Role to be Downgraded......Yippee

Air Security Agency Faces Reduced Role (

It's about time.

Under provisions of President Bush's 2006 budget proposal favored by Congress, the TSA will lose its signature programs in the reorganization of Homeland Security. The agency will probably become just a manager of airport security screeners -- a responsibility that itself could diminish as private screening companies increasingly seek a comeback at U.S. airports. The agency's very existence, in fact, remains an open question, given that the legislation creating the Department of Homeland Security contains a clause permitting the elimination of the TSA as a "distinct entity" after November 2004.

I'm pretty sure there will many people giddy over this one. I for one will be happy to hear that Secr. Norman Mineta will no longer be driving policy decisions relating to security for Air and Road travel. Hopefully, we can do something about Amtrack too. But I'm sure that will be too much to hope for.

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