Monday, April 11, 2005

Tourism Comes to Afghanistan!

Afghanistan tourism promotes its virgin peaks to climbers - [Sunday Herald]

Not quite sure what to say about this except I wish the country the best of luck. I'm not so sure that I have all that much confidence in this statement:

He said: “We have fantastic mountains in Afghanistan, and we are ready to accept anybody who wants to come.

“If they are nervous about security, they shouldn’t worry. We will provide them with an armed police escort.”

Here's some of the attractions:
Afghanistan’s new tourism minister has promised the dawn of a new age. Professor Nasrullah Stanakzai wants to develop the country’s mountaineering potential by setting up a school for training guides and providing armed escorts against the threat of bandits.

It even plans to open a camp for curious tourists and adventurers near Osama bin Laden’s old headquarters at Tora Bora, in the Spin Ghar mountains.

More conventional tourism also looks set to take off, with a trickle of backpackers already making their way to Kabul where they stay in the Mustapha Hotel, made famous for its association with US bounty hunter Jack Idema.

Apart from seeing the sights – or the ruins of the sights – they can enjoy Kabul’s crazy nightlife in the Elbow Room bar, where tourists rub shoulders with South African security men and veteran aid workers and drink Tora Bora Sunrise cocktails.

This sounds kinda ghoulish:
Afghanistan’s mountain ranges are littered with landmines, wrecked tanks and helicopters … and the bones of foreign soldiers who came to fight its guerrilla armies.

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