Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This is Brilliant and a Sad State of Politics

shadesofgray :: So . . . you want to be a politician
What a clever guy. His criteria are oh so true and that is the sad state of politics in our world.
Couple of items from Shades of Grey:
**The importance of elective success outweighs any demand for truth.
**The use of political interns during any campaign is a cost-effective utilization of available personnel. They are cheap, young, a great deal of fun, and they are easy to . . . work with.
**Remember that kissing ass is an art form; it always deserves your best effort.
Just remember for those brown nosers - don't get any hair caught between your teeth! Oops! Did I just write that? It was a favorite saying we used from when I used to do system implementation and conversion projects.

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