Monday, April 11, 2005

Smackdown Time for the Republican Politicians

Combat politics – not for the faint of heart by Dennis Sevakis:The American Thinker

The fellow says it exactly right with Republicans caving and slinking back with their tail between their legs. Sevakis actually starts out by trying to answer the question of why President Bush's numbers are going down. He looks at what Victor Davis Hanson and David Brooks have to say but he comes up the better response:

<....> The Republicans seem not to have planned for the Democratic response before launching their original trial balloons. And that’s the problem. The voters see these things as trial balloons and not policy initiatives.

If the Republicans let the Dems scold them into dumping Tom DeLay for what are
being touted as ethics offenses, but that are not in letter nor spirit any more offensive than what Dems themselves do, they may as well do nothing other than pass a Democrat’s budget and shelve any initiatives until after the next mid-term elections – if that next plebiscite they can manage to survive. If Republicans can’t bring themselves to go to the mat for fully qualified judicial candidates, cut the pork out of the budget, do something meaningful regarding illegal immigration, and quit playing the diversity game with national security, why should anyone expect the President’s numbers to go up?

And that is the smackdown punch!

Link from Lucianne.

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