Friday, April 15, 2005

Secretary Rumsfeld Townhall Meeting in Kandahar, Afghanistan

DoD News: Secretary Rumsfeld Townhall Meeting in Kandahar, Afghanistan

I've found by reading some of these little reports a person can pick up many different tidbits of information and the transcript from this town meeting with Secretary Rumsfeld is no different.

Here I found a soldier with whom I'd been sending packages for quite a long time but had not heard anything for 3 months either directly to me or to Now I know he's still there and I would guess is doing ok.

QUESTION: Staff Sergeant Joe Selski, [inaudible] Bobcats out of Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.
It's well aware the 25th hasn't participated in a major conflict or a war since the Vietnam era. Now that we're back in the game I wanted to see how personnel at your level view our performance over this last year's deployment.

RUMSFELD: The performance has been -- I talked to General Barno about it, and the performance has been truly excellent. It is impressive. The amazing thing to me is that folks will come into a combat zone, into an area of conflict, and from private life and personal life, whatever they were doing, and perform with such skill and such dedication and such courage. So I have great respect for the active force which has done such a wonderful job, as well as for the Guard and the Reserve that have made the total force concept work so brilliantly. Thank you very much.

Hey Joe - it's good to know you're kicking and going strong.

Secretary Rumsfeld did this same dog and pony show at Manas Air Base in Kyrgyzstan. I love this guy. After the townhall meeting Secretary Rumsfeld stood to have his picture taken with 300 troops one at a time. Love him or hate him the man is awesome in my book and I sure wish or hope I have his stamina and endurance when I get into my seventies.

Yo DB you're famous! Or is that infamous...

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