Sunday, April 17, 2005

Red2Alpha - Part II to Donkey Show

This is Your War: Rules of Engagement

We see here how public opinion and the media can affect missions for this Soldier. It sucks, but we the public who support what these soldiers do have to continue to hammer the media and public opinion so these troops never think or believe Public Support for them and what they do is wavering.

"No! Stop!"
"We can't do that."
"Why, why not? We were told we could in the ****ing OPORDER! We can tear this place apart; we should be tearing this place apart. These are bad dudes. ***k 'em. We can do whatever we want here. We ****ing own this country! Are you shitting me?"
"Higher doesn’t want us to do too much damage?"
"Too much damage to an enemies house?" Rage, impotent rage flooded through me.
We are going to make the same mistakes in Iraq that we made in Vietnam. Letting public opinion, people in Washington, and the Goddamn media run the war. We are so afraid of offending these people it puts us at risk. I was disgusted. I wanted to shoot holes in the walls, smash things with a sledgehammer, break furniture, dump gasoline all over everything and burn the house down. I wanted to breathe fire and smoke. We came here ready to kill people, the OPORDER stated to capture or kill the main target and now the chain of command wants to play nice? Are we here to win this war or what?
I guess we were back to hearts and minds with the bad guys. Give me a break. How can you change the rules on us in mid stream?

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