Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Possible 2008 GOP Presidential Runner

Fraters Libertas

People are always talking about who would possibly be the GOP 2008 nominee. I think back to the year 2000 and who had heard of George W. Bush? So, I take this governor as a real potential candidate due to his credentials and what looks like honor to his committments. This information is from the National Review as linked by Fraters.

South Carolina's Governor, Mark Sanford

Sanford was elected to Congress in 1994 and became an early advocate for Social Security reform:
His main focus, however, was Social Security. Sanford began offering reform ideas -- beta versions of what President Bush advocates now -- shortly after his 1995 swearing-in ceremony. His first bill was his most ambitious one. It would have allowed workers to redirect a chunk of their payroll taxes into private accounts.

After six years in Congress, Sanford honored a term-limits pledge and stepped down. He indicated that he had no plans to run for another office, and he even joined the Air Force Reserve as a logistics officer who coordinated medical crews aboard C-17s. (He still belongs, and may be called up -- which would present an interesting problem.) "It was an odd midlife crisis," he says. "We've disconnected the rights of being Americans with the responsibilities. I wanted to have some juice in the deal, and to set an example for my boys." (Sanford and his wife have four sons.)

Sounds better and better as Fraters says. Go read about him. If you know anything about Sanford, do tell in the comments!

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