Saturday, April 23, 2005

'Positive' Dean calls GOP 'brain dead'

'Positive' Dean calls GOP 'brain dead' - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - April 23, 2005

Oh yeah.....Howie is going to be a continuous source of stories for the next few years!

The fiery former presidential candidate and Vermont governor was elected to run the Democratic National Committee after promising to reach out to voters, especially in Republican states, with a new and more positive outreach message aimed at expanding his party's shrinking base.

Let's see, since becoming head of the Democrat Party he's called Republicans: Evil, brain-dead, intolerant.......
I think that will work to bring Red Staters into the fold of the DNC. Don't you?

I especially like his statement on Apr. 15th:
At a homosexual rights breakfast in Los Angeles the day before, he vowed to "use Terry Schiavo" to attack Republicans who rallied on behalf of the brain-damaged Florida woman who died March 31 after her feeding tube had been removed.

Good to know the DNC takes the high road and cares about the 'little people'.
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