Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Poor Widdle Hasan - - was bullied.....

ABC News: Father of Accused Soldier Wants Probe

Get out your hankies for this pathetic excuse for a soldier. Poor poor widdle Hasan, his Daddy is saying he was bullied and it was all because he was black and Muslim.

The father of an Army sergeant accused of killing two officers at the start of the Iraq war urged the military Wednesday to investigate religious and racial harassment he said his son faced from fellow soliders before he unleashed the grenade and rifle attack.

See - that's why poor widdle Hasan just had to throw a grenade and shoot and kill Air Force Major Greg Stone and Army Captain Christopher Seifert.

But of course he's not responsible for his actions because he was bullied....
Akbar allegedly confessed several times to tossing grenades into the tents of sleeping soldiers and then raking them with rifle fire.

Akbar's lawyers don't dispute his responsibility but are trying to spare him a possible death sentence by portraying him as mentally incapable of premeditating the attack.

The statement from Akbar's father is similar to entries from Hasan Akbar's diary that were introduced by the prosecution to show how he had planned the attack.

"I suppose they want to punk me or just humiliate me," Akbar wrote more than a month before.

"I am not going to do anything about it as long as I stay here. But as soon as I am in Iraq, I am going to try and kill as many of them as possible," he wrote.

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