Tuesday, April 19, 2005

New York Magazine Article Out on Pantano

E u p h o r i c R e a l i t y - New York Magazine Article Out on Pantano

If you are interested in Marine Lieutenant Ilario Pantano and his story then here it is, it's long and intense. Without knowing any of the people involved in this case, my instinct is to side with Pantano's version. You have to read the whole story to get a 'feel' for Sgt Coburn and the dynamics of intertwining personalities causing the rift between the two men. Then there's a discrepancy with Navy Medic Gobles which is where I start to think there's more to this than Pantano just shooting two men.

In my mind you give the 'boots on the ground' the benefit of the doubt. Right or wrong this is what I believe.

Pantano in a school east of Fallujah, 2004. (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Ilario Pantano)

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